Here We Are Project

In mid-2018 Women’s Health and Wellbeing Barwon South West (WHWBSW) took up the chance to partner with leading disability organisation Women with Disabilities Victoria (WDV) for the rollout of the Here We Are Project (HWA). The mission of the project is to look at how women with disability are engaging with the community and how the community can better work to engage women with disability leading to greater input and ultimately greater satisfaction. Coming aboard the WHWBSW team for the HWA Project our Community Engagement Officer has worked to build upon WHWBSW’s existing relationships within the disability space and increasing our reach throughout the disability community, particularly with project partners WDV and local Barwon organisations. As a result WHWBSW have begun work on several strategies, including a targeted social capital survey, that will actively work to empower women with disabilities in the community and give local businesses, organisations and community members the right tools to better engage with women with disabilities in long lasting and meaningful ways. Focussing on WHWBSW’s key priority areas the HWA project has joined well with WHWBSW’s existing output and has laid the ground-work to ensure WHWBSW is an accessible and inclusive organisation going forward for woman of all abilities. 

Sexual & Reproductive Health Projects


We researched condom availability and accessibility in order to address the rising STI rates in all age cohorts, within BSW. Researchers scanned the entire Great South Coast region to gather information on the location of condoms, packet variety, number of packets and the types of businesses that sold condoms.



The condom mapping project identified Port Fairy as a site with low availability and accessibility. HPOs engaged with Moments Condoms-who supplied 14,000 free condoms- to ensure patrons of the Port Fairy Folk Festival had access to freely available condoms over the festival weekend.
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Deakin University (Warrnambool Campus) are researching ‘Rural women’s knowledge of and influences on their contraceptive choices’. Warrnambool Health Promotion Officers are working in conjunction with the lead investigator, with results from the research to be used by WHWBSW to create positive change in the region.

Art Prize

*Call for entries 2019 Art Prize flyer* - would also be good to have this on the website home page too.

Since 2015, WHWBSW has hosted the South West International Women’s Day Art Prize in Warrnambool. As an organisation dedicated to the pursuit of gender equality, we are pleased to offer a prize specifically for women that addresses the gender imbalance in galleries while providing an opportunity for women to express themselves through art, see their work exhibited, be rewarded and recognised for their work. We believe the prize strengthens women’s voices and fosters improved mental health and wellbeing.

  • 2015 Theme: Women & Place

  • 2016 Theme: Hope

  • 2017 Theme: Women & Belonging

  • 2019 Theme: Be

Following the 2017 Prize, WHWBSW has been thrilled to announce two exciting changes to the SW IWD Art Prize moving forward, with the prize to be held every second year (with the next event in 2019) and the cash prize for the Major Prize winner to double to $4000. These updates will mean female artists will have an even more attractive prize to reward them and a longer

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