What We Do

Who We Are

Women’s Health and Wellbeing Barwon South West Inc. was incorporated as an independent assocation in May 2011. A board of governance made up of 12 highly skilled women from across the region brings strong experience and leadership to our organisation (see our Board members here). The board employs a full-time CEO who is responsible for implementing the actions arising from this plan.

In addition, WHWBSW is supported by our members (organisations and individuals) who are committed to promoting women’s health and wellbeing.

WHWBSW receives core funding from the Victorian Government’s Department of Health & Human Services; however we will also seek funding from other sources to help increase our capacity and outcomes.

Our Approach

WHWBSW is a health promotion organisation. This means we work with communities to deliver and support initiatives independently and in partnership with other organisations that focus on keeping women healthy rather than treating disease. We do not deliver individual health services to women. We focus on promoting health, wellbeing and primary prevention.

Why Women’s Health

In the past, good health was thought to be the absence of disease. Today there is a broader view, which recognises physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual, and mental wellbeing as integral to people’s health.

Women’s health takes a gendered approach by recognising the differences and similarities between men and women across their lifespan. It also takes into account the impact of factors that determine health outcomes.

The key principle of women’s health is encouraging women to have more control of their health and the factors that determine health outcomes, such as education, employment and housing.

This approach to health encourages women to make positive decisions about the factors that impact on their wellbeing. It leads to more effective interventions and helps achieve greater equity in health and healthcare.